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Questions about www.auktionshuset.com
IS IT FREE – Or does it cost anything to be a customer at Auktionshuset.com?
It is free of charge to be registered as a customer at Auktionshuset.com.

CAN I JUST LOOK – Or do I have to bid to be a customer at Auktionshuset.com?
Of course you can just look. If you would like to bid, though, you will need to register as a customer by clicking on New user. It is free to register as a customer at Auktionshuset.com.

Customer numbers and access

CUSTOMER NUMBER – How do I get one?
When you have filled out your basic information you will be given a customer number and access via an activation e-mail. We will also send you an e-mail so you can save the information.
ACTIVATION E-MAIL – I have not received one, what do I do now?
If you have not received your activation e-mail you most likely have a spam filter on your computer that has blocked the e-mail. If you cannot find the e-mail in your spam folder, then contact your nearest auction house.

MY PAGE – What is this for?
Here, you can follow your bidding, see your purchases and pay.

CUSTOMER DETAILS – Can I change these, e.g. address and bank account number?
Yes, you can change your details on 'My page' under Basic information.

You can have these resent to you by clicking 'Forgotten your password?' under 'Log in' and entering your e-mail address. We will then resend you the information.
CLOSING MY CUSTOMER ACCOUNT – How do I close my customer account?
You can close and delete your customer account under 'My page' – 'Basic information' on www.auktionshuset.com. When using a mobile phone or tablet please click on 'Go to full website' in order to access our normal website. Here you go to 'My page' - 'Basic information'. At the bottom of the page you click on 'Delete data – click here'. We will then start the process of deleting your data and your customer account will be closed.

Buy Now - for sellers
BUY NOW – What is it?
'Buy now' are items sold at a fixed price.

If you wish, you can choose to sell your item at a fixed price.

You can choose to sell your item with a combination of an auction item and a Buy now item. In this way, the item can either be sold at the fixed Buy now price, if this does not happen immediately, it can still be sold as an auction item.
An auction item that has not been sold after 5 auction periods will subsequently be put up for sale with an agreed Buy now price.
Buy now items are sold according to the same terms and conditions as auction items.

Buy now - for buyer's

Questions about Buy now – for buyers

BUY NOW – What is it?
Buy now are items you can buy immediately without having to wait for the auction to end.
Buy now items have a fixed price, and no buyer's premium or buyer's fee is charged following the sale.

Payment must be made within 15 minutes of the item being reserved for you. If payment is not made within 15 minutes, the item will be released for sale again

Bidding at auctions
BIDDING – How do I place a bid?
In order to bid you need to be registered as a customer. You can do this by clicking on New user. You can bid in two ways, either directly or by placing a Max-bid.
Read more about bidding

MAX-BID – What is this?
When you choose to place a Max-bid, Auktionshuset.com bids for you each time your bid is overbid. This happens as long as there is room left within your Max-bid.
Read more about Max-bid

MAX-BID – Can I change an earlier Max-bid?
At any point in the auction you can change your Max-bid on a lot. If you do, it is the new Max-bid that applies. You can raise your Max-bid to a higher bid, or you can lower it to the auction's current highest bid. Example: If the current highest bid is EUR 500 and you have earlier placed a Max-bid of EUR 600, then you can lower your Max-bid to the next bid, which in this example would be EUR 525.
IDENTICAL BIDS – How can I be overbid by someone placing the same bid?
This can happen when another customer has placed a Max-bid earlier. Example: A customer places a Max-bid of EUR 500. The next day you see the same lot and decide to bid EUR 500. You can see that you have bid against a Max-bid, as your bid and the other customer's identical bid can be seen on the lot page. If the auction ends without you or the other customer placing a higher bid – the other customer will win the auction, because their bid was placed first. Read more about bidding

BIDDING ERROR – Can I withdraw a bid?
No, you cannot withdraw a bid when it has be placed and confirmed. This is different with a Max-bid though.

LAST-MINUTE BIDDING – When will an auction be extended?
If a bid is placed on a lot and there are less than 2 minutes left before the auction ends, the auction is automatically extended so that it ends 2 minutes after the last bid. In this way we ensure that everyone who wishes to bid has had the possibility of doing so. There will always be at least 2 minutes to overbid in. If during this period the lot is bid on again, the auction is extended again.

Lots and the sales process
QUESTIONS ABOUT A LOT – Who should I contact?
All questions concerning the lot's condition, size, history or shipping options should always be directed to the auction house which is selling the lot. For sellers, questions relating to the sale, including sale activation etc. should be directed to the auction house responsible. You can find our addresses and telephone numbers under Contact.

SALES START – When will my lots go on sale?
Most lots will go on sale 2-3 days after they were consigned.

SALES LENGTH – For how long is my item on sale?
An item will typically be on sale for 7 days.

SEARCHING – How do I find the lot I am looking for?
You can search for items directly in the lot categories, or use our search function to search freely in all lot descriptions and/or conduct a more specific search according to selected criteria, e.g. estimate, showroom etc. You can also use our 'Lot search' function and save the searches you often use under My Lot searches.

LOT SEARCH – What is this?
Lot search means that you ask our system to look out for specific items arriving in new auctions. Each night the system goes through our lot lists and you will receive an e-mail if there are any new lots matching your search criteria.

Buying, payment and refunds
PRICE – What do I have to pay for the lot?
You will be provided with the total amount before you confirm your bid. The lot price is made up of: sale (your bid) + buyer's premium (maximum 25%) + Seller's fee of DKK 110, EUR 15 (for Former leasing cars EUR 80, DKK 600 and for Stamps, Coins, notes and bars EUR 7, DKK 50). Example: EUR 200 + 50 + 15 = EUR 265.

PAYMENT – When and how do I pay for the lot?
You can pay by MobilePay, credit/debit card online or via bank transfer. You can also pay for and collect your lot at the auction house where the lot was purchased.
Read more under Buying

ONLINE PAYMENT – How do I do this?
You pay online by going to 'My page' and clicking on Payments. Your unpaid invoice will be listed as open and appear in green. When you have paid, the invoice will be closed and marked in red. During the payment process you can also order shipping.

ONLINE PAYMENT – Is it safe?
Yes, it is easy and secure to pay by credit/debit card at Auktionshuset.com. Online payment by credit/debit card is a secure payment method.

REFUNDS – How long does it take from cancellation of a purchase until the money is refunded to me?
If you make use of your cancellation rights to cancel a purchase, the refund will be made to your account at the latest 30 days after the lot has been returned to and received at Auktionshuset.com.

MY BANK DETAILS – When do I need these?
If you would like to sell a lot at Auktionshuset.com you need to enter your bank account details so we can transfer the money to your account. Payment from Auktionshuset.com's bank account to the seller will be made 28 days after the sale, provided that buyer and seller have fulfilled their obligations. You should also be aware that a bank transfer between two countries requires IBAN and SWIFT codes. These codes are linked to your bank account and can be obtained from your bank.

Collection and delivery
COLLECTION OF A LOT – What do I need to bring with me when I collect my lot?
When you collect your lot you need to bring your purchase receipt and valid photo ID (passport or driving licence).

COLLECTING IN PERSON – How do I collect my lot, and by when?
As soon as you have won bought an item and your invoice has been paid, without further notice you can collect your lot in the auction house where the lot was purchased. However, you must collect your lot within 3 days of the after the purchase, at the latest. If you are prevented from collecting your item, you need to contact the auction house where the lot was purchased in order to make another arrangement. You can also have the lot sent to you. Read more about shipping and collection below or under Shipping.

COLLECTION BY SOMEONE YOU KNOW – I cannot collect my lot myself. Can someone I know do this for me?
Yes, someone else can collect your lot for you. If this is e.g. a friend, then they need to show photo-ID, written authorization from you, the purchase receipt and a copy of your photo-ID.

POST – Can I have the lot sent to me?
Yes, you can have your lot delivered to your door. You can order postal delivery online when you pay your invoice. If you have not done this, then you can contact the auction house where you purchased the lot. They will then create a postal delivery invoice and send you your lot. Read more about having items sent by post here.

If your lot is suitable for sending by post you can order this when you pay your invoice. This takes place on 'My page' under 'Payments'. During the payment process you will have the option of selecting shipping by post. The postage will automatically be added to your invoice before you confirm your payment. Auktionshuset.com then takes care of the rest.

I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY PURCHASE IN THE POST – I ordered postal delivery for a lot that I have purchased and paid for, but I have not received it yet, why?
Contact the auktionshuset.com auction house where you purchased the lot. They can help you trace your lot in the post.

TRANSPORT – My lot cannot be sent by post, how do I find a transport company?
We recommend that you order delivery of your purchase through our shipping partner. Read more about ordering shipping under Delivery.

See our guide on how to book transport

I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY LOT FROM A TRANSPORT COMPANY – I arranged transport for a lot that I have purchased and paid for, but I have not received it yet, why?
Contact the transport company you made the arrangement with. They can help you trace the lot.

Valuation and sale
VALUATION – Can I have my things appraised and sold?
Yes, contact your nearest Auktionshuset.com auction house for a free and non-binding valuation of your item. See our addresses. Read more about how to sell

VALUATION FROM A PHOTO – Is this possible?
Yes, you can send your photos by e-mail or post to your nearest Auktionshuset.com auction house. You will then be contacted by a valuation specialist. You can also use our online valuation. Read more about online valuation

You consign your item to your nearest auction house – Auktionshuset.com takes care of the rest, including registration, valuation, taking photos, internet exposure as well as storage during the sales period.

SELLING – What does it cost?
For each lot sold a seller's commission of 15% of the price applies, as well as a seller’s fee of DKK/SEK 150, EUR 20. Seller's commission and seller’s fee include VAT, cover all sales costs and are deducted when the seller's account is settled.

PAYMENT FOR THE SALE – How long does it take before the money from the sale is paid to me?
Payment from Auktionshuset.com's bank account to the seller will be made up to 21 days after the sale, provided that buyer and seller have fulfilled their obligations.

Seller's commission, buyer's premium and fees


How to get your items to Auktionshuset.com
You can consign your items in one of Auktionshuset.com's auction houses. Find your local auction house here.

Make use of the Auktionshuset.com Pick-Up Service, where we pick up your items from your home and bring them to the auction house - completely free of charge. Read more here.
We can also recommend our transport partner.

SHIPPING – Why cannot arms be sent in the post?
Arms cannot be sent in the post, because it is illegal to send firearms or edged weapons that require a permit by post. Some transport companies have a licence for the transportation of weapons, including our shipping partner. You are welcome to contact the auktionshuset.com auction house where the item is located for more information.

SPECIAL RULES – Are there special rules regarding viewing and collection of arms?
Yes, special rules do apply for this lot category. Weapons can be viewed and collected by arrangement with the auktionshuset.com auction house in question.

CD, BUS, BKH and BK – What do these mean when they appear in a lot description?
These abbreviations relate to resale royalties, which are payments made to artists or (if the artist has been dead for less than 70 years) their heirs. The amount is added to the price and is included in the total amount when you confirm your bid.

CET – What does this stand for?
CET stands for Central European Time, which is the time zone the auction clock operates in.

Other questions
FURTHER QUESTIONS – I have a question that is not answered in the list. Who can I contact?
You can send an e-mail to the individual auction house. We attempt to respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible. As far as possible within 24 hours.