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Sell on's mission is to make the sale of your furniture, jewelry, art, watches, cars, and other belongings as easy for you as possible - Therefore, we handle the vast majority of the work for you. 


Get a free valuation.

If you want to sell on, it all starts by you contacting us in one of the following ways, and getting a free valuation: 

Auction or fixed price?

At you can sell at auction or for a fixed price. Each has its advantages - contact the nearest auction house. 

Sit back and let us handle the sale. 

Sit back and let us sell your belongings for you. It's easy, quick, and completely safe.

With more than 20 years of experience with online auctions and many skilled, dedicated valuation experts in local auction houses across the country, we ensure you the best deal.

Your belongings can be sold on if they can be valued at more than 800 DKK. 

Prices, etc.

At, there is a highly competitive seller's commission and seller's fee.

These cover the entire total package, including:

- Photography
- Valuation
- Description
- Storage
- Showcasing
- Contact with the buyer
- Facilitation of payment

Note - If the items are not sold, it costs nothing.

The big and small questions.

If you have questions about selling items, what the item is worth, prices, services, or anything else, please contact the nearest auction house. 

Frequently asked questions
Is valuation from a photo possible?
Yes, you can send your pictures via e-mail or by mail to the auction house closest to you. You will then be contacted by a valuation expert. You are, of course, more than welcome to come visit us at one of our auction houses and get an appraisal on the spot.
When will I receive a response to my enquiry?
We always do our best to reply to all enquiries as quickly as we can. As far as possible within 2-3 days.
As a seller what do I have to pay in commission?
For every lot sold a seller's commission of 15% of the highest bid is calculated, as well as a seller’s fee of DKK/SEK 200, EUR 27 (for Former leasing cars EUR 80, DKK 600 and for Stamps, Coins, notes and bars EUR 7, DKK 50). Commission and seller's fee include VAT and cover all costs relating to the sale, including registration, taking photos, online display and storage during the sales period. Commission and hammer fee are deducted from the payment due to the seller.
When will my item be put up for sale?

Most lots will be put up for sale 2-3 days after they have been consigned.

How long do a sale last?
A sale lasts normally 7 days.