False bidding

Luckily Auktionshuset.com rarely experiences problems with customers who register under a false name to bid and buy. Nonetheless we naturally have measures in place with the direct aim of supporting security when using Auktionshuset.com. 

  • When a customer registers with Auktionshuset.com it is always necessary to confirm the registration via a link which is sent to the customer's personal e-mail address.
  • We undertake a thorough random check of our 2,500 weekly new customer registrations. Of these a maximum of 0.5% are registered with a false name and address. For the branch this represents a good statistic. 

  • If we notice via our random check that there is evidence of abuse access from the relevant IP address is closed with immediate effect. 

  • In cases where a false customer buys an item, the seller is informed and the lot is back for sale. 

  • auktionshuset.com evidently has no interest in allowing false bidders to push prices up. It is against our ethical standards. Moreover, it impacts negatively on the customer service we extend to the seller when a lot has to be re-auctioned and we incur double logistic and administrative expenses.

  • Our business bases itself on genuine customers who we trust. We offer a secure and reliable platform which however is deliberately not stricter than that normal people can register themselves simply and quickly as customers and bid on lots.