Counterfeit goods

As Northern Europe's largest auction house, is an important and high profile actor in the market for used quality items. We are visited daily by many customers who wish to consign their items for sale. Our customers, buyers as well as sellers, are everyday, genuine people who buy or sell items for their homes, collections, hobbies, etc. They should be able to trust that when they buy an item with us, the article is authentic.


We have fixed procedures which ensure that we avoid counterfeit goods ending up for sale with us in general – and if this should happen we have procedures in place where we can track and solve the cases. strongly disassociates itself from all sale of counterfeit goods at our platform. We wish to be a credible and secure place to do business, and do not want to provide fertile ground for criminal activity.

Here you can read more on what we do to secure ourselves against copy goods at

  • Most of our valuation specialists, as well as being trained to value art, furniture, etc, are often passionate collectors themselves who as a completely natural part of their work reject any counterfeit good which might crop up before it comes onto auction.

  • always and gladly cooperates with the copyright holders. If we are made aware of a problem with a lot which we previously have not been aware of or seen copies of, all relevant sale are stopped immediately and all relevant staff informed. In these cases documentation of copyrights is always requested.

  • has had few cases concerning counterfeit goods. So luckily this is not a widespread problem. When a case of this type arises we always cooperate with the copyright holders to solve the case so that it can end in prosecution.

  • maintains an internal list with detailed information on frequently occurring counterfeit goods which is constantly updated by assistance from art galleries, artists, furniture retailers and producers, designers, etc, so that all our auction houses are kept up-to-date if someone attempts to consign counterfeit goods for sale. 

  • The rise in organised sale of copies of designer furniture in recent years has, however, resulted in that we must also introduce stricter precautions. These measures aim to ensure, as far as possible, the seller's rightful title in relation to the item. Furthermore, we can always trace an item back to the seller. The aim is a sales system which is sufficiently open for everyday, honest customers but sufficiently preventative for people who are not acting in good faith.

  • In order to be able to sell at one has to provide name, address and telephone number. Also, all sellers must show ID (e.g. driving licence, passport, etc). The type of ID used is noted in our system.

  • Settlement is typically made via bank account which means that we have the seller's account number and can use this to trace the individual and the money.

  • E-mail addresses can be controlled against the server. 

  • If a seller has deliberately sold or tried to sell counterfeit goods on, their customer account is naturally closed and the individual concerned can no longer place items in any of our auction houses.