About Auktionshuset.com

Welcome to auktionshuset.com

Welcome to auktionshuset.com

For more than 30 years, we have been shaping the art and design auction scene. Our passion is indeed to bring a wide range of artistic hidden treasures within reach, from the more affordable to the more exclusive.

Lifting auctions from the past into the future

In 2023, we expanded by acquiring the activities of the bankrupt Lauritz.com. This means we are bigger, but we still have the same nose for originality. The same quality. The same professionalism. A modern auction house, where you find an extensive selection of modern and older art, furniture, antiques, jewelry, watches, and electronics.

Always close to you

You can both participate in daily auctions online with over 5,000 items a month and in our physical auctions, held four times a year with a focus on selected art and design. No matter where you live, we are close to you with eight auction houses located in Hørsholm, Brøndby, Roskilde, Odense, Vejle, Aarhus, Aalborg, and on Bornholm. Our specialists are ready to assess your items and help you submit them for auction. Feel also free to explore our showrooms, where upcoming auction items are displayed.

As a customer at Auktionshuset.com, you have the opportunity to both buy and sell at our auctions.


Auktionshuset.com was established in 1993 in Hillerød by Ole Steen Christensen as Auktionshuset i Hørsholm. In 2022, the businessman Ib Henrik Rønje took over Auktionshuset i Hørsholm after having been a shareholder since 2015, and in August 2023, he expanded by acquiring the activities from the bankrupt Lauritz.com. Today, all seven auction houses are united in the company Auktionshuset.com A/S.